A Winding Road

"The rustle of the leaves in summer's hush When wandering breezes touch them, and the sigh That filters through the forest, or the gush That swells and sinks amid the branches high,-- 'Tis all the music of the wind, and we Let fancy float on the aeolian breath." John Gardiner Calkins Brainard

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Spring in the Air

Spring is in the air, and I am thankful. Currently writing papers at a swanky coffee shop near school — writing papers isn’t nearly as bad when you start them more than a day before they’re due. However, it is easier to let yourself take breaks. After checking e-mail more times than I’d like to, I’ve resorted to Tumblr for entertainment during my intermittent academic lethargy.

White peony iced tea is nice. I’ve never had white iced tea before, I think, but it’s similar to green and refreshing. R leaves for Paris today— so exciting! I can hardly believe I’ll be leaving for there soon as well. There is so much to do before then though that it seems farther off than reality — maybe that is a good thing.

Just these last two papers to finish up before the freedom of summer returns.  How strange to think the hibernation of winter has settled into dormancy and we are back to this place of life and living and sunshine and iced tea.